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About Marc-Anthony Medina

Capturing the Spirit of Sports Through the Lens

Hello! I’m Marc-Anthony Medina, a passionate 16-year-old sports photographer based in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently a high school student, I have found my calling in the dynamic world of sports photography, specializing in capturing the intense, exhilarating moments of sports events, athletes, and players.

My Journey

My journey into photography began as a personal quest to freeze moments in time – those split seconds where determination, skill, and spirit converge on the field or court. What started as a hobby, capturing shots of school sports events, quickly turned into a serious pursuit as I realized the power of a photograph to tell a story, to capture an emotion, and to preserve a memory forever.

My Work

As a young photographer, I bring a fresh perspective to sports photography. My work focuses on the raw emotion and sheer energy of athletes in action. From the focused determination in a basketball player’s eyes to the graceful agility of a soccer player mid-kick, my camera lens seeks to capture it all. I specialize in:

My Vision

I believe that every athlete has a story, and my goal is to tell it through my photographs. Whether it’s a high school basketball game, a local soccer match, or a personal photo shoot, I approach each project with the same level of enthusiasm and professionalism, aiming to deliver images that not only capture the action but also the emotion and the story behind it.

Connect with Me

I am always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities to capture sports in all its forms. If you’re an athlete looking for a solo photoshoot, a team needing coverage of your next big game, or just someone who appreciates the art of sports photography, I’d love to connect with you.
Let’s capture the spirit of your sport together. Reach out to me for your next event or personal photo shoot and let’s create something amazing!